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    Using Multitag options

    while I am recording my window declarations for my clent server application ,Ihave selectedthe multitag options viz,Index,Location,Window ID.
    when I use gettext() function to retrieve the value selected in one the text box it is returning incorrect value.
    Again If i deselected the location option in the multitag options, the gettext() function is working properly.
    please let me know the solution regarding this.

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    Re: Using Multitag options

    What you are experiencing is precisely why using multitagging is something I don't recommend. There are times when it is necessary to use it, but by default I opt to use either the Caption or the Window ID. RARELY use the index.

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    Re: Using Multitag options

    THANKS DJGRAY ,I was asked to use multitag by one of my collegue as i am facing problem with parent being changed no.of times in the dialog box when i am recording the window declarations.using multitag the silk will try to find out the parent either from the window id,or index or location thats what my assumption.

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    Re: Using Multitag options

    Consider "recording" with single tags, and then manually create a multitag when you need it, or if you like, you can turn on multitagging, take your recording for the specific item you want, and then turn it back off. You'll have a lot fewer headaches.

    Good luck!



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