This is more of a UNIX and hummingbird problem, but I'm just wondering if anyone has any hints for me on this.

I'm using silk to invoke Xstart under Hummingbird, and starting an xterm, then silk will enter some unix script onto the xterm. I'm setting the cmd line to be
@(XTerm, method=stdappdb) -display @d&

I have 2 sets of usernames that I can use to login onto this HP-UX Box.

The problem I'm having is sometimes, the xterm was sent back to the local machine by the HP machine without the $, therefore unusable. And with 1 set of userID, I'm encountering a lot of instances like this, but with another set of userID, occasionally happening. The 1st set of UserID is used a lot by different people.

Is this problem caused by network traffic issue? or I'm colliding with users using the same userID? The only explaination I have for the missing $ is the packet sent back by the HP machine somehow missed some bytes.

BTW, this happens manually also. So I'm not expecting this is related to silk.

anyone has a clue or suggestions?

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