My Java application has a window which contains a JSplitPane. This JSPlitpane contains a treeview which works fine on a windows machine. But when I run the same script on a remote Solaris Machine, I get the following error -

Item '/home/sk137316/sqe/GenericServlet.class' was not found

In this case, Item means the file that I am trying to select from the treeview. I have checked that such file exists. I have ignored the JSplitPane in partner.ini as well as Javaex.ini.

Window declaration for the window -

[-] window JavaDialogBox EditContentsDialog
[ ] tag "Edit Contents of*"
[ ] parent DeploymentTool
[-] CustomWin StartingDirectory1
[-] multitag "[javax.swing.JSplitPane]Starting Directory:"
[ ] "$javax.swing.JSplitPane"
[-] JavaJFCTreeView AvailableFiles
[-] multitag "Available Files:"
[ ] "$ ckager$Sour"
[-] JavaJFCPushButton Add
[-] multitag "Add"
[ ] "$ n[1]"

This is the script -

EditContentsDialog.StartingDirectory1.AvailableFil es.Select("/home/sk137316/sqe/GenericServlet.class")