I'm currently involved in testing of a VC++ application using the Silk Test 6.5 Tool wherein the application uses a lot of 3rd party controls. I face 1 major prob in the manner described below:

One of the screens has an control recognized by silk as User1 ie., CustomWin User1. Basically this control is nothing but an ListView performing all the traditional actions that an listview is supposed to perform. I tried mapping it to an listview class and even then I'm not able to manipulate the control. Can you kindly throw me light of how I can overcome this particular problem. If possible kindly send me the necessary code of the same!

Yet another screen has a control which is nothing but an bitmap with a lot of visible controls like bitmap textbox fields wherein values are populated and changed in milliseconds. Silktest identifies this particular area as an single control ie., CustomWin AfxFrameOrView42s1. It fails to understand that the screen has a lot of other controls such as bitmap textfields etc. How can I make silk recognize this? If possible kindly send me the necessary code to help me proceed.