Hi All,

I am trying to run the InvokeJava testcase examples that come with SilkTest6.0 on the JFC11 test application.
I have made some changes in the java edits to the JTreeGetText.java and compiled. (javac JTreeGetText.java) which makes a JTreeGetText.class file located in the JavaEx\ directory. Everytime I run the testcases I get {FALSE, class not loaded: JTreeGetText}.. I have modified the batch file to load the JFC11 Test Application
("%SEGUE_HOME%\jre1.2\bin\java" -classpath ".;%SEGUE_HOME%\JavaEx\SilkTest_Java2.jar;%SEGUE_H OME%\JavaEx" ta %1) This should overwrite my system classpath which I have the same info in anyway. I load the application using the bat file and run the testcases which do everything but return false for the InvokeJava statement.. I wanted to simulate the simila senario for my testing application. I went through the prevoius postings. But not much help.
I have too many JDK's and 2many JRE's are installed in my machine. But class path is mentioned correctly as follows in W2k Environment variables.

c:\PROGRA~1\Segue\SilkTest\JavaEx;C:\PROGRA~1\Segu e\SilkTest\JavaEx\SilkTest_Java2.jar. After setting the classpath restarted my machine.

Any suggestion or help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance