Hi all,

In my company we use SilkTest to test our product which comes in 7 languages, the base stays the same but all the titles and captions, texts,... are translated, I use in my tests, constants with pipes to place the Dialog titles in, for the other controlls I use the ID's. for example: DLG_NEW="New|Nieuw|Nouveau|Nueu"
and then DialogBox(DLG_NEW).SetActive()
Is this a good solution? Are there any other ways of making a script language independant?
My second problem is that sometimes the application crashes and produces a messagebox or dialogbox, this depends on who produced the error (System or app.) but the titles can change and the buttons...
Isn't there a way to send ALT-F4 to the Active Window? Instead of WindowX.TypeKeys("<ALT-F4>")?

Regards, Nick