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    Is SilkTest generally stable on Windows XP with MSIE 6.0

    We're testing a WebForms based application in this environment and SilkTest 6.5, and it seems to lock up, crash, or Explorer crashes on probably 25-35% of all our testcase executions. (At this stage I'm still running one-off testcases to unit test them; I don't have whole suites of tests for this project yet, and this is the first XP-based project in our organization. I've used earlier versions of SilkTest on older OSes but am new to 6.5.)

    I just wanted to get input from others who either have or haven't seen this instability. I haven't found it to be reproduceable, so i have no idea if Segue Tech Support would be helpful or not. But despite its sporadic nature, this instability comes up enough that it's making use of Silk Test more difficult.

    Of course everyone would need to know more about my app to really troubleshoot it, but that's beyond the scope of this post. I'm just looking for input from the user community as to whether this general instability is common or not.

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    Re: Is SilkTest generally stable on Windows XP with MSIE 6.0

    Did you upgrade to 6.5 from an earlier version? If so, did you clean out the registry before installing the new version?

    Myself I am using 6.5 International on XPP (IE 6.0) and am not having too many problems?

    Are you testing as non-admin? I had to modify my installation to make non-admin stuff work.
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