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    Silk 6.5 .NET; SwfMainWin - SwfChildWin - window \'....... \' is not active

    I have done a simple test with .NET (in Silk 6.5):
    -a SwfMainWin and 2 SwfChildWin (Forma1 and Forma 2) windows
    -in first SwfChildWin I have:
    - a SwfPushButton Close and
    - a SwfTextField Forma1

    In the testcase I use:

    [-] if(!Forma1.IsActive())
    [ ] Forma1.SetActive()
    [ ] Forma1.UC_Forma1.Forma1.SetText("Nelu")
    [ ] Forma1.UC_Forma1.Close.Click()

    but anyone produce the message:
    [ ] *** Error: Window '[SwfTextField]Forma 1|[SwfTextField]^Forma 1|[SwfTextField]#1|[SwfTextField]$TextBox1|[SwfTextField]@(132,70)' is not active
    [ ] *** Error: Window '[SwfPushButton]Close|[SwfPushButton]^Forma 1|[SwfPushButton]#1|[SwfPushButton]$btnClose|[SwfPushButton]@(222,176)' is not active;

    Why is appearing this error?

    Thanks in advanced!!!!!!

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    Re: Silk 6.5 .NET; SwfMainWin - SwfChildWin - window \'....... \' is not active

    You can try any of these followings:

    a) Maximize your window before the SetActive()
    b) Use SetFocus() before SetText and Click()
    c) Set the agent option OPT_VERIFY_ACTIVE to false temporarily through code like:

    boolean blnOld = Agent.SetOption(OPT_VERIFY_ACTIVE, false)
    // click and settext
    Agent.SetOption(OPT_VERIFY_ACTIVE, blnOld)

    I know this does not answer your question about why you are getting this error, but that requires some more study into tyour AUT, can you post the declarations ?

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Re: Silk 6.5 .NET; SwfMainWin - SwfChildWin - window \'....... \' is not active

    I am also facing the problem as faced by nelumoldovan49. Any solutions for the same.



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