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    popup page not getting closed

    i am automating browser based application, After performing a particular task ,the application generates popup HTML page (without menus), I need to close this popup HTML page.

    I tried to record the popup page and used use a.Close() but it doesn't seems to work consistently,sometime it gave problem in closing the window.

    I tried the below method

    Same problem i faced, it doesn't seem to work consistenlty

    Finally i ended up with


    but some times the popup goes outside the screen area due to which
    the script is not able to close the browser and reports script failures.

    I tried giving

    sometimes i get error "unable to move object"

    How can i close the popup html page ?
    Any methods available where silk can move the popup HTML page to the center of the screen ?

    Any comments/workaround at the earliest will be more helpful for me?


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    Re: popup page not getting closed

    Hi Moorthy,
    Can you tell me how you declared the new window.
    By default the new window will be active I suppose, if it is consistent you can try Browser.Close() then Browser.SetActive() to set active the original browser window.
    Kiran Malla

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    Re: popup page not getting closed

    the new window is consistent, but sometimes this window gets displayed outside screen area. so at that time when i use Browser.SetActive , Browser.CloseBox.click(). the script is failing,
    i tried moving browser.move but it gives err message unable to move window



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