Hi All,

I'm looking for sending out an email automatically with the error messages which are in the .res file. I know there have been discussions on this topic before. I went and did the search and could not find a detailed way of doing this. But I did find a replay that Imeka send to another person:

Another way of doing this launcing Silktest from command line and exporting the results to a rex file ( which is in text format). And in this batch file use a perl script or blat to send the notifications. We do something even more fancier. we copy the results file to a common repository for each build. We go through each line of the res file and will capture all the errors and will send the notification with only the errors.. If there are no errors, which in most cases, it will send the e-mail as success so no need to even check the results file. WE sometimes schedule it through the windows scheduler. Since this is a batch file , the options are endless."
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica">I'm looking to do the same process. If any one knows how to go about doing this, PLEASE let me know. I would greatly appreciate your help.

Rhafeez rhafeez@spss.com