This article provides an overview of a Silktest framework of files, features, and functions. By framework I mean a set of Silk files which work together as a starting point for a new web application testing suite (this set of files could also be referred to as a test template).

This framework was posted last fall, and only contains minor enhancements. The main purpose of reposting this article is to make this framework available to those engineers attending the Segue monthly meeting in Los Gatos in Tuesday, April 18th [where the browser retry functions are going to be discussed].

This framework and all of its files are available in the following ZIP file:

The UserGuide.pdf document provides a detailed overview on this framework and provides a good overview on the browser retry functions. Some other interesting functions and features are also provided by the framework [which are also described in the user's guide].

The remainder of this article gives a very terse overview of the framework's major features.

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