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    Capture progress dialog


    having problems with catching progress dialogs which changes throughout whole the progress. Using OPT_BITMAP_MATCH_INTERVAL with OPT_BITMAP_MATCH_TIMEOUT doesn't work. Any trick how to capture progress dialog?

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    Re: Capture progress dialog

    Moving or blinking graphics usually elicit a unstable bit map error from Silk. You can reduce the Option/Agent/Bitmap values to almost zero to perform sub-second captures, and place your bit map capture code in a do...except loop to avoid the unstable error, but ultimately what do you hope to gain by this?


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    Re: Capture progress dialog

    Well I'm working in localization and we're using runtime comparison of dialogs during our tests = first screens are analyzed and captured on base product (usually us one) and then compared to localized equivalent. Because of problems with progress dlgs all of these must be covered manually at the moment which cost lot of time and money [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] . But in general I understand that this is worth only for dialogs which don't change string every milisecond [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] )



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