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    Silk Test Basics

    Hi Group,

    I am new to SIlk Test and keen to learn this. I am already comfortable with Winrunner. Could anyone please guide me from where to start some crash course document [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] which can give me brief about this tool.

    Any pointer is appreciated.


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    Re: Silk Test Basics

    Hi Jeetu,

    all documentation provided by segue can
    be found in the help menu. Try the tutorials
    to learn first steps and browse the Library
    Browser (which will probably become your
    best friend while using SilkTest)
    to see the power of 4test.

    Regards, Martin.

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    Re: Silk Test Basics

    Silk Help is very helpful. Anyway, if you want to take quick overview, go thro below links.

    1. http://www.automationexpertise.com/T...ges/Parent.htm
    2. http://www.geocities.com/pammal_sureshbabu/silktest/

    I also came like you... The concept is same...Syntax, structure and technical terms are varied....
    GUI file (*.gui) -> Include file (*.inc)
    Compiled Module -> Include file (*.inc)
    Main Script (script) -> Script file (*.t)
    Test plan is one feature in Silk...
    Thanks & Regards,
    Quote: Donít hesitate to initiate!



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