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    case insensitive tags

    As I understand it tags are case insensitive.
    This is a bit annoying because I would like to rely on them as an implicit test for, lets say, naming of buttons, for instance.
    Someone had spelt an OK button 'Ok' rather than 'OK'. Sure enough the tag for the button was 'Ok'. When the spelling was corrected a test which clicked that button still passed without me having to correct the tag. Damn.
    My question is, is there any way to make tags case sensitive, and why aren't they by default?
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    Re: case insensitive tags

    No, there's no way to make them case sensitive.

    You could write a new class for your PushButton objects, for example, that has it's own Exists method that checks for existence and proper spelling/capitalization before returning TRUE or FALSE.

    That's something I've done for error messages: the Exists method in that class checks the existence, style, and color of the message, complaining appropriately when necessary.

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    Re: case insensitive tags

    You could also use a function to return the tag and have the function check the case of the text and raise an error if incorrect.



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