Is there anywhere (other than the last release notes) that someone can find out the current list of known issues with SilkTest?

Better yet, what are your own personal demons that you've spent more time working around than you should have had to?

my list is:

- extending Html classes (aka, sure would like to use Runtime Options instead of use statements)
- inconsistent recognition of object existence (aka, ScrollIntoView doesn't actually work)
- improper recognition of table delimiters (aka, it's a graphic, not a TD!!)
- Lists that are empty only if they're declared (aka, so you actually want me to do record-and-playback?)
- Image tagging and information (aka, why don't we tag an image by its image file name instead of an index or link? and while we're at it, why does everybody have to write their own GetImageFileLocation?)
- Click/GetRect not recognizing the correct width of links and checkboxes (aka, can't we just move this one more pixel to the right and then click?)
- "Invalid handle" errors from objects that exist and are in focus and have the right caption ...sometimes (aka, do w.SetText() except w.SetText())

Did I miss anything?