Let me see if I can explain my dilemma so it is easy to understand:

BACKGROUND: On a client-server application, an illustration (report) will display on the screen after data is entered. This illustration has various sections that make up the entire report, which varies in length and contents depending upon data entry. The report can be viewed one page at a time by clicking a "next page" icon.

PROBLEM: Is there a way to (a) find the section within the report that contains a table of values and (b) compare those values to an excel spreadhseet containing expected values? One thing to note, every page of the report is declared the same as below:
If this cannot be done using Silk Test alone, is it possible to purchase an additional tool that could assist? (ie: There was a consultant that used Xerox software to do something similar while using Rational SQA tool, but he is long gone.)

Anyone have suggestions?

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