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    Testing for Dynamic Contents using silktest

    I am new to silktest.
    I want to test a web application which will change over the Iterrations. The application is just searching the database so I need to test the GUI elemets of the forms along with functional testing.
    - What I want is an architecture/pattern that I can implement so I dont have to change my scripts over time?
    - Can you give me concrete code example along with framework file, scripts, common file, data file, test plan?
    Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Testing for Dynamic Contents using silktest

    Well, just so long as you're not asking for too much here.... [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

    I'd recommend going through the tutorials or taking a structured SilkTest course. You're asking for the people of this forum to, in essence, do your job. And while I'm sure that many of us would be more than happy to do that for the right price (like me), it's not something to do as a hobby.

    - Dave
    A concerned Borland customer, a fly in the ointment, a wrench in the works.

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    Re: Testing for Dynamic Contents using silktest

    Well I am not asking for people to do my job. I am just trying to find any resource on this criteria. My approach is design patterns. I am sure the problem at hand is not new it must have been tackled before people in software software resuse but nobody live up to it. I was asking for in word or links to papers and other stuff. The thing is 4test resources are not that wide as u can say java. if I have problem i will look at the api...google groups...but jack comes when it comes to 4test...so I found this forum. I found very nice advises here. I am new to 4test so me asking for code is a way to learn. I am sure that we have all been through this

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    Re: Testing for Dynamic Contents using silktest

    hey Dave thanks

    I clicked on your Amelior Technology and went through the white papers...Good stuff. Solved some of my problems... :-)

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    Re: Testing for Dynamic Contents using silktest

    Actually I found a good framework right on this site. Under download. That was what I am looking for a skeleton.

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    Re: Testing for Dynamic Contents using silktest

    Hi Sohaibkhan,
    you may get some useful tips fromt his website http://www.automationexpertise.com/links.html
    KG Jawahar,



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