We have a number of test suites, all of which have their own options files. We have been manually opening the options file for each test prior to running the test. We would like to place the loading of the options in the .pln file for each test (optionset: pathToOptFile) but have run into problems attempting to do so.

Apparently, despite the fact that the display on the title bar changes to the new options file as soon as the test is started, the runtime options are not being loaded. The test is dying with errors and inserting a simple print statement shows that the previous options are still loaded (I have tried this with no options set loaded and with a different options set loaded). Specifically the Runtime Arguments are not being loaded.

However, if I run the test case from the "run or debug a single testcase" button, it seems to work fine, which of course doesn't help at all for running multiple tests.

I didn't see any threads mentioning this or any particularly useful information in Silk Help, anyone have any information which could help us out (or let us know, you can't do that :^). We're using 6.0.