Experiencing a very strange problem picking menus in a VB App. It's only this one application exhibiting the problem.

Simple menu structure:

Tried tagging with indexes and "$" identifiers. The menus do not get picked. Instead, nothing happens, the mouse does not even move! And Agent sometimes stops responding.

For now, I have worked around this by using TypeKeys, but would like to know if anyone else is having this issue, and if they found a workaround.

[-] window VBForm AscentDatabaseUtility
[ ] tag "$*dbutil.exe"
[ ]
[-] Menu File
[ ] tag "#1"
[-] MenuItem Exit
[ ] tag "#1"
[-] Pick()
[ ] AscentDatabaseUtility.TypeKeys("<Alt-f>x")
[-] Menu Help
[ ] tag "#2"
[-] MenuItem AboutAscent
[ ] tag "$4"


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