Our's is a VB Control.In this the silktest is unable to detect the statusbar object as statusbar.Instead it is taking as CustomWin.After doing class map it takes it as statusbar only but unable to detect the panels in it.It consists of same window id,tag and index for the statusbar.So how to make silk to identify the panels?In our control there is only one panel and while loading the page it gets two panels of unequal width.One for the URLs which change from time to time and the other for the % of page loaded.When the loading completes it shows 100% in second panel and "done" text in first panel.Then the second panel disappears and it shows "Download Complete" on the statusbar and after a second that text also disappear.I want silk to identify the "Download Complete" text and then proceed to next steps.Hope someone can solve it.

Thanking You,