Here's my situation: I code SilkTest test cases for a web app on my machine and simultaneously run tests on an agent machine. I had an old PentiumII 300 MHz box running Win98 for my agent machine, and it was just way too slow. Some of my test cases would take hours to run, making regression testing very difficult. Now I have a new machine, a PentiumIV 1.6 GHz box running Win98 for my agent machine, and it's knocked about 20% off the time to run my tests. But I would have expected and even larger jump in performance, because when I run tests on my similar Win2000 development box it will knock about 75% off of the time.

My question is whether the slowness is coming from running over the network, or is it from the Win98 OS? Do any of you have experience running tests on a remote machine with both Win98 and Win2000, and did you notice a sizable difference? I may push for buying another win2000, but I don't want to if it's not going to be a large improvement.

Question number 2: When is Segue going to fix code completion so that I can use it? SP2 just released but still no mention of being able to use code completion while simultaneously running tests.