I am trying to create some testcases that will run the setup.exe installer for a vb6 application. The first part of the installer is written by the Wise installation wizard, then 2nd part of the installer is written in VB6, this part of the installer is where it asks the user for install codes and then installation directory, and so on....

My problem in the reconition of the second part of the installer it never reconizes any window, i think this is due to the fact that when i do a record window declarations, i don't get a parent tag for any of the windows. Now the first window that pop's up is a splash screen, and is always in the background until the installation is complete, or cancelled. Tried pointing all windows to use the splash screen and the parent and i still get no reconition?????

Has anyone come accross this senerio (specifically with the installation would be nice), could you give any insight as to what might be my problem??