I'm very new to Silk and I'm learning on my own from the manual.

I am testing a very large eCommerce site that uses a PHP frontend. I am having a problem in one part of this store declaring windows. The Feature I am trying to test has 4 separate pages. The first page allows the user to select up to 20 checkboxes (categories) out of 45. The second page produces HtmlPopupList's for each of the 20 categories you selected on page one which contain Brand selections. The 3rd page contains a checkbox and a HtmlPopupList for each Category/Brand with feature selections. The fourth page produces a table for each of the Category/Brand/Features you selected on page 3 with rows of products each having their own checkbox. Checking boxes on page 4 and continuing will put items in your cart.

So, the basic problem I am having is that I cannot declare each of the 4 pages because they all have the same tags. The site is driven by PHP and the header has the same name for the pages and they are all the same url. How can I uniquely ID each page with the tags? Can I somehow ID them in relation to a unique item on the page like an HtmlHeading? (page 1, page 2, etc..)

The larger problem is this is a pretty overwhelming feature to test. On top of the fact that there are 45 categories everything else is dynamic and the Brands/Features/Products can disappear and new ones can appear on the fly. I can never rely on a certain item in any of the popups.

Can someone give me a few pointers on writing some code that wont break when products disappear? I need to be able to check all categories, brands, features, products for duplicates and bad data as well as make random purchases to verify that the feature works.

Also, can someone reccomend any books that would help me understand 4Test? Maybe another language that is similar?

Thanks in advance.

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