From the silk help. WaitForRead() is like a Sleep() except it defaults to wait forever. Also you can override WaitForReady() with OPT_VERIFY_APPREADY and OPT_APPREADY_TIMEOUT.

From Help:
"WaitForReady has no effect if the OPT_VERIFY_APPREADY option is enabled, in which case SilkTest waits until the application is ready for the time specified by OPT_APPREADY_TIMEOUT."

Now the funny part is. We have seen places that putting a WaitForReady() is actually solving timing issues, and removing it will break the code. How do you explain this contradiction. We enable OPT_VERIFY_APPREADY, and OPT_APPREADY_TIMEOUT set to 180. On top of that we have WaitForReady() (that we can say it is by accident, if we read the help carefully 2 years ago we would have not added any WaitForReady - what a wonderful mistake we have made

It's either the help misleading the reader or the code is broken in the correct way

Thanks for some insight here.

Forgot to say that I am using Silk 5.5. It seems that Silk 6 has a different help text. Just double check. Now I blame all my problems to this function

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