Hi All,
My company is interested in integrating Logigear's ABT(Action Based Testing) Toolset with SilkTest.
I have been working with SilkTest for couple of years, but never used Logigear's ABT. In the initial study, I felt like I am going to loose lot of flexibility and advantages of using testcases from SilkTest.
I am hoping that some of you dealt with this ABT toolset, can help me with what I am missing.
1) Logigear's ABT is a dll(Abt.dll) with list of functions defined in it.
2)It will have action definition file(where action is nothing but the functions or methods defined in our include files)with list of actions that we are going to execute for each scenario. So Logigear's ABT will call the function defined in SilkTest. To make this happen, we need to map our functions with some simple english language statements through the Functions defined in ABT.
i.e., if we have a command as void vSendCommand() then in our main() function we need map like WM_ABTFunction(vSendCommand,Send Command).

The advantage I see is, Logigear's ABT will allow non-silk professional to write a testcase in ABT's Action Definition File(using excel).

The disadvantage I see are
1)no debugging capability, as ABT drives each function.
2)Setting AppState
3)Loss of Advantages of executing testcases() from silktest itself.
4)Lack of SilkKnowledge of non-silktesters may cause some troubles
some other issues, I don't remember right now...

If I am wrong on above reason's, I really would like to know.

Hello experts, I need your opinion.


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