We are using SilkTest [1163] to test our java Web applet using a Java Plugin on IE6, Win2k. We are seeing some inconsistencies in SilkTest behaviour depending on the JRE version.

On JRE 1.3, Silk can't see a JavaAwtPushButton. There is a SunAwtFrame that seems to be masking the controls inside the applet. While in JRE 1.4.1, everything is fine.

On JRE 1.3, a dialog is seen properly as a JavaDialogBox with all its contents. But with JRE 1.4, it's only seen as a DialogBox and none of it's contents show up.

So with these two different problems alternately appearing on at least two JRE versions, is preventing us from continuing with our work with SilkTest. I've already reported these with Tech Support and I have an open ticket. The support engineer has been very helpful and responsive, but so far, is still unable to resolve these 2 issues. Please help.