I'm testing a VB application which has a Tab Dialog - SSTab object in VB (looks similar to the tab sheets in an Excel workbook).

The only method I have found in SilkTest to move from one tab to the other is using Select, where you can pass an integer or a string depending on whether you call the tab's name or order.

The problem is that moving through the tabs is really slow, e.g. say my application opens with tab 1 exposed and I want to move to tab 5, then I would call Tabs.Select(5). This can take about 20 seconds and I think it's because the method selects each tab until it gets to 5, therefore selects 2,3,4 then 5. 2 and 4 are not enabled (dimmed) which I suspect slows the process down anyway.

My question is - is there a quicker way to get to tab 5? The only obvious way I can think of is by using a mouse click using co-ords, but don't really want to use this approach.

Thanks in advance.