I noticed that when Verify and VerifyProperties raise an error the results file will link you to the differences viewer where you see the actual and expected results.

When I export these results to a plain text file all that is seen is:

*** Error: Verify MainPage.MyDropDownList contents check failed Occurred in Verify

The actual and expected results are not exported or extracted. Is there a way to get this to show up in a text report without having to write my own verify function?

I guess I could do:

Verify(lsActual,lsExpected,"Expected:{lsExpected} Actual: {lsActual}")

but I thought this should already be included in the results file. According to the help the following happens:

If you include sDesc, the error message is: "Verify sDesc failed got aActual, expected aExpected". Otherwise, the default error message is "Verify failed got aActual, expected aExpected".

I have seen this work before with other versions maybe its a bug or i'm overlooking something? Im using SilkTest 6.0[5]