Hi All,
I am facing a problem in getting SilkTest to update the value of certain Excell cells.
What's realy weird is the update is accepting integer/s values to be updated but not strings?
Note: I had changed the properties of the XLS cell to be TEXT but still no luck. Plus, I have read most of the articles about SilkTest DB_Tester ... and still no luck.

Here is a sample of my code:
[ ] String sSQL1 = "UPDATE `MySheet$` `MySheet$` SET `MySheet$`.ZZZ='N' where `MySheet$`.Main = 11"

[ ] //hSQL = DB_ExecuteSQL (hDB, sSQL1)

Note: If I changed the N to any number it will work ... even if I incert a date is will work, but not a string.

I wonder what is the proper solution for such a problem?