As you may be aware, the GA release of SilkTest 6.0 (build 1122) had two issues that we determined warranted attention:

Browser.WaitForReady() was broken when invoked without an optional timeout value
Recorders recognized browser popup windows as instances of DialogBox and not MainWin

In order to address these issues, we have produced an update to SilkTest 6.0 GA, which rectifies the problems as follows:

The Browser.WaitForReady() issue was resolved so that you can call that method without specifying the optional timeout value.
Regarding the recognition of browser popup windows, we experimented with different approaches, and decided to have the window recognition behavior revert to that exhibited by SilkTest prior to 6.0 GA. That is, these windows will again be seen as instances of the MainWin class. It is our intention to modify SilkTest in the near future so that these popup windows are seen as DialogBox instances throughout SilkTest, and provide an option for backwards compatibility to indicate that SilkTest should still recognize browser popups as MainWins, but the default behavior would be recognition as DialogBox instances.

You can obtain this update, which is version (build 5) by browsing to the SilkTest area of the Segue product download site.

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you. I appreciate your patience while we worked to provide an appropriate solution.

Also, I wanted to mention that yesterday we released SilkTest International 6.0 so now our International customers can start using the new features that SilkTest 6.0 introduced.

Mike Ruggiero
SilkTest Product Manager