JTreeGetText.java is shipped with SilkTest 5.0

Has anyone used the JTreeGetText class with with InvokeJava() ? Or, successfully compiled the JTreeGetText.java into a binary to be used with InvokeJava() ? I have a Java application that uses the JFCTreeView control. In order to retrieve the text caption for each of the treeitem, the JavaEx online help suggests that I should use InvokeJava() function and the JTreeGetText class to extract the text.

I have used the JDK 1.1.7 with Swing 1.0.3 and JDK 1.1.8 with Swing 1.1.1 to build the JTreeGetText binary. Either version will cause the 4Test script to lock at the InvokeJava () call.

If anyone has a working JTreeGetText.class file, please post the file on the Forum. I would be greatly appreciated.

Any tips on dealing with JFCTreeView text caption would be welcome.