I "stole" this from a different forum, but I thought it was good enough to pass onto all people responsible for J2EE apps.

Even though it is hosted by Empirix, I recommend this event to everyone. I caught Ted in Boston a few months back, and his presentation is very thorough and pretty vendor neutral.


Book Author Ted Osborne Presents: "J2EE Performance - from Design to Test"
Ted Osborne, co-author of the recently published books "J2EE Performance Testing" and "Professional EJB," will be hosting a one time on-line presentation entitled: "J2EE Performance, from Design to Test" on November 13th at 1pm EST. All registered members of QAForums are welcomed to attend.

Ted will be speaking about common J2EE performance bottlenecks and the benefits of testing enterprise applications from start to finish. Drawing from his material in his two books, Ted Osborne will walk through some of the practical motives, useful techniques, and potential hazards in testing J2EE and EJB designs. In the presentation, he will also review some of the actual test results and analysis obtained from running test cases against BEA WebLogic Server.

To sign up, visit Empirix's new J2EE Performance and Testing Center at http://www.empirix.com/J2EE