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This forum is one of 49 separate QA & testing forums in 4 categories.
Categories are,
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This post is long but is only an one-time-investment to harness a wealth of information and substance. So don't proceed without reading.

General information and discipline:

If you subscribe to - and practice professionalism, courtesy, patience, and respect; you have come to the right place. As a member or user of this forum, you are expected to uphold and promote those standards.

1) The Search feature:
This forum is powered by an advanced Search feature, where in you can conduct a forums based, subject based, date based search. Remember to use the search capabilities of this forum extensively. There is a more than a good chance that what you are looking for has already been addressed. If not happy with the results, go straight ahead and post your query but make sure that you highlight the reason for doing so and clarify on what aspects you weren't benefited with the previous posts. This will reduce the time required for the members to ask clarification for the post and hence your time towards getting an close or exact answer.

2) Topic or Question Naming:
It is good practice to name your topic something meaningful in order to get the right kind of attention in a timely manner. Proper naming of a topic makes it easier for a member to understand that they may be able to help you. Please refrain from using words such as ******, Please, Help needed etc. Also remember that proper naming of topics will render the search capabilities more useful. Below 2.1 and 2.2 are some examples of bad topic names:

2.1) "****** - HELP NEEDED!!!"
This is bad because the author of the topic is trying to assume high priority over the priority of thousands of other potential posters. There is no priority given to anyone on this forum. Think about it! Also, it gives no clues to a potentially helpful respondent who might otherwise view the topic name, regard it as distasteful and then proceed to skip the post.

2.2) "Test Cases"
This is not specific enough and can lead to many time-consuming questions and answers to identify the specifics. Precision naming of topics leads to faster responses. Follow up the focal point of query with additional information.

Below items 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5 are examples of well-named topics that will quickly attract someone who may help and has experience with that topic:

2.3) "Retrieving CPU usage on remote machine"
This example allows readers to quickly filter and determine if they have experience with this topic or something similar.

2.4) "Reading Text painted on a DialogBox in a C++ app... "
This example also allows readers to quickly filter and determine if they have experience with this topic or something similar.

2.5) "How to derive or write test cases from sequence diagram?"
As against naming the topic only Test Cases.

3) WinRunner/SilkTest free Copies
There are no such entities. So don't waste time asking out for them. There have been some interesting discussions about Licensing, Piracy etc. Check them out.

4) Examination questions/Home work
Please refrain from asking out answers that look like or are from examinations. Also don't expect someone else to do your part of work for you. This is not to say that we will not help you. But will do so if it is evident that you have taken a decent shot at the problem and then sought for expertise or advice. We'd only be glad to do so.

5) Your Inputs suggestions
This is the only way of knowing what you folks want more out of this place. So make sure that route the feedback about whatever you feel should go into this place that will improve it.
Right here at Forums Update and Feature List Request From AJ

6) Banners
Just wanted to point your attention to the banners on the left hand side. They are our sponsors. We owe them a click every now and then. We wouldn't want to loose them for lack of clicks would we ? Help support your site by clicking them once in a while. So go ahead and check out what our sponsors have the latest to offer.

7) Other features
QA Training - An online software testing & quality assurance training center.
QA Links - All where you want to go to. Books, Tools everything.
QA Downloads - Evaluation Tools, White Papers etc.
QA Jobs - Software testing and Software QA Jobs with a search for Category and Country.

Any deviance from one or more of the above, after careful evaluation, will only encourage us to close or delete the topic. But if you feel that the thread has been closed unjustly, drop us a note or reply right here.

P. S. Stop by the QAChat.net (Chitchat) forum under Misc Forums and introduce yourself.

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