I have Silk Meter 2.3.5 installed on 2 machines one on WinNT (workstation) and another on Win2K professional. I'm using remote license server host with standard port 5461.

On Win2K professional machine, when I execute SilkMeter 2.3.5 Runtime->Client Admin Tool, and test the connection, it is giving me following error

"Testing the SilkMeter server failed with the following reason:

The Communication with the license server failed.
Please make sure that the License server is running and is accessible from the client machine."

After clicking on OK button it shows the following status:

"FAILURE: Testing connection to License Server failed."

If I perform the similar test on WinNT Workstation... it works fine and returns Successful status.

Strange thing is.. when I execute SilkMeter 2.3.5 Runtime->User Policy Administrator, it displays all the policies in use under window which has a caption: Policy Administrator - connected to host "MyHost.com", port 5461

Has anyone faced similar problem ? Can anyone help ?

Thanks !