Hello there,

I'm working with a test scenario that requires a system with 2 NICs installed. These are on separate networks.

The scenario is:
Have 2 IP addresses. Connect to agent via IP1, perform some actions. Disconnect from the agent. Reconnect to the agent via IP2, then perform some other actions. The actual test involves enabling/disabling the NICs.

When I attempt to connect to the agent on the 2nd IP address, I get connection refused. The only way to connect to that agent is to disable the NIC that Silktest attached is attached to (IP1), then restart the agent.

It would seem the agent is keeping the state of whichever adapter was used at the first connection and only listening on that port. Anyone encountered this? Is there a solution? Or a way to clear the state of the agent? Or a clever way to restart the agent upon disconnect?

Thanks in advance,