This could be very useful.

Create a new shortcut.

Under the command line, type in

Give it an appropriate name such as SilkTest Help. Now, the next time you click on the mail link, your e-mail program will launch and you will have a mail - with the e-mail address already typed, ready to be sent.

If you want to send mail to more than just one recipient, type in; . Instead of just sending the mail to one person, you will now be sending it to 2 people. But still some of you ask how to pre-set the subject of the mail as well. Just like HTML mailtos, type in Problems. Quite simple isn't it?

And you can also use carbon copy: com or blind carbon copy: Here's something to really interest you. You can define the body or contents of the mail itself other than just the subject and recipients like this: have a slight problem here

You can string arguments together with the "&" character like this: Problems &

The only drawback here is like any other shortcuts, you are only allowed 255 characters in the command line. Use them wisely.

John W Green