I have just started testing a web app that displays reports in MS Excel spreadsheets. These spreadsheets are dynamically created using data from a SQL db when a particular report is selected.
I'm going to verify the data in the spreadsheet by comparing it with the source data in the db tables.
Connecting using ODBC drivers for the xls files and sql db, and doing a simple query of the xls file was pretty straight forward.
My problem is I don't know how to do more complex queries of the xls file the same way I do the SQL db.
An example of a problem I'm having is accessing data when the field name is more than one word; example "PRODUCT MANAGER".
Can anyone recommend a place where I can get some info on accessing xls files?
Any and all help will be appreciated.

I was thinking about my question and I realized my problem isn't one of more complex queries, but one of syntax.

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