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Dear Webmaster:

1. When you click on the link to reply to a message received through yahoogroup e.g., it first shows the user the original series of messages but then the user is forced to key in his User Id and password. (That's fine as a policy but this is how you would make it hard for people to participate).
The bug is this: as soon as UID/PWD is submitted, he is taken to forums main page. Why? Now I am at a loss and have to spend valuable time to search for the original message without any further help as to where to look for...

2. Messages coming from come systematically clubbed alongwith its previous heading, whereas the come dis-jointed. Thus if a reply pops up in a message, it has no connecting thread to its original question. No wonder there are less and less emails exchanged on silktest forum. Is it possible to communicate the same to silktest yahoogroup's moderator?

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