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This is a class that used to reside on the Mr. Cluey Kludge page thanks to Daniel Suits.
However with the demise of that Noble site I have re-housed this class to Betasoft Downloads Under Segue Resources.

This Class is a free way to store data seperate from your tests and "data-drive" them. It works as well in QAP and has been a good friend of mine for well over two years.

Not only is it a great way to encapsulate data that can be "gotten to" from the script to seperate Library level (if declared in the scope of the main script) but it can be initialized from flat ascii files, and dumped to them.

There is a limitation to storage 16 Kbytes per value on older versions 32k on later ones, (a value that is referanced off an associative key).

I initially used this because I did not want to pay $1,700 a license for QA Organizer. But now that product comes with Silk 5.0+
Fact is I still just use this class .. because it works and I am comfortable with it.

This class is also usefull for passing a whole bunch of information to a function,
and I have used it as a typed parm to functions.

Basically it's free, preety much bug free, and can be terribly usefull. Try it you may like it.

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