Hi All,
I have a web page which has a activex control whis displays MS word doc instream.
I need to write into the word.doc .
But I get the foll error message
*** Error: Window cannot be set active .
Actually i think there was a problem capturing the window declarations .
Coz it does not capture the doc window.
When i do a window identifier on the doc
it gives me
SourceRAD.OLEucFrame1.DialogBox("18ebd1.doc - Microsoft Word").CustomWin("[_WwF]#1|$0").ChildWin("18ebd1.doc") .

But in the frame file ChildWin is not created. I tried putiing it manually but it didnt work.

I have added the ActiveX extension at both places .Using Options/extend and also extension enabler .And restarted Silk Test
N times .

Any Pointers Please