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    Problems in Distributed testing using SilkBean.

    User (sunilcg@hotmail.com.nospam) posted:


    I have recorded a test case on Windows NT(host machine) for a pure
    java application. I want to run this test case script on Solaris 2.7
    (target machine) to test the same java application.(basically
    distributed testing).
    I am using Silk 5.5 version. I went to the main menu and choose
    Help/Help Topics and clicked on SilkBean getting started --
    configuring the target (UNIX) machine and configuring the host
    machine. I followed exactly the same steps as given there. Inspite of
    this i am getting the following error

    "[-] Testcase Test1 - 1 error
    [ ] *** Error: Window '[MainWin]$D:\Program
    Files\Segue\SilkTest\JRE1.2\bin\java.exe' was not found
    [ ] Occurred in SetActive
    [ ] Called from Test1 at first.t(4)

    I wanto know if i have missed doing any steps apart from those listed
    under the help topic.Also under multitag "Test Application" [ ]
    "$D:\Program Files\Segue\SilkTest\jre1.2\bin\java.exe" in the test
    script do i need to give the path of the java as it is on the Unix
    machine. I tried even that and it did not work.Please let me know if
    you want more details regarding this. Also let me know if there any
    settings which have to be done related to the path of the java in the
    test script file.

    thanks and regards

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    Re: Problems in Distributed testing using SilkBean.


    It has been a very long time since I tested with the bean on Solaris, so some of this might seem a little foggy but I'll try.

    It appears very much like you have the values being pulled from your NT machine. Be certian to have the script pointing to the bean only.

    Things to check:
    Options menu / Agent options / Other tab, be sure to check Enable communication with the silkbean. If you want to do this in the script rather than in the Dialog Box, you can add the line Agent.SetOption(OPT_USE_SILKBEAN, true) to your script.

    If I recall, the agent isn't even in the picture here, but rather Silk talks directly to the bean over the port you specifyl. Check in the EXTEND directory for the JavaEx.ini file. There is a [communications] section in there where you can specify the correct port number. When you have the bean running on your Solaris agent, it will say "Listening on port 2965 or whichever port you have it configured for.
    e.g. "Target=SunBoxOne"

    Also, in this section, you need to specify the name of your Solaris Target machine.

    Make certain the SilkTest_Java2.jar and silkbean.jar are both located on the Solaris box and are in the classpath.

    Segue claims you can start the bean with the simple command "java SilkBean &" but our experience was that you had to call it with the full package name, "java segue/server/SilkBean"

    You also have to start your AUT with the -Xbootclasspath/p:<CLASSPATH> switch on your command line. I'm not recalling why that was the case, but I do recall it was essential.

    Also, realize that things behave a little differently with the bean. Ummmm for example, you'll see NO mouse movement, yet things will still work as though the mouse were manipulating them. Also, be aware of string length limitations. This was an absolute nightmare for us. Somthing in the bean does not like long strings ... like in the classpath and such. Oh, also be aware that you cannot use Symantec Foundation Classes in applications being tested with the bean. Again, something we learned the very hard way. Occasionally you may see wierd characters in the results file. These never seemed to present us with a problem, but they were just annoying.

    I'm sure there is more "bean-specific" stuff but it has been a while since I used it.

    Good luck!




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