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    Inconsistent behavior of a silk script

    I am confused:
    Note the following.
    I am running two identical testcases. Basically, the testcase register a new user and charges him (via cybercash).
    The Credit Card page is declared.
    The first testcase runs just great (remind you they are identical)
    the second testcase fails in the Credit Card page.
    What more confusing is - if I run the first testcase (the one that succeeded) in a loop, it will still run with no problems.

    I would gladly include the files ( if I knew how)


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    Re: Inconsistent behavior of a silk script

    Run the testcase in debug mode. When you get to the second one, break in the middle of it by using both shift keys at the same time. Do not change anything in the app, open record windows locations and check out different objects in the browser frame. I think you may be suprised. I have had many problems with Silk not picking up the same tags on the fly. I think you may have to use multi tags, make sure there are no duplicate Tag in the two frames, or define the two pages as two seperate pages in the include file. Segue and I are having a very big fight over these issues right now. I hope they will be solved soon.

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    Re: Inconsistent behavior of a silk script

    Tom W, did you ever get any satisfaction
    from Segue on this issue? I am seeing
    a similar problem in which repeated identical test
    runs fail because SilkTest occasionally
    clicks the wrong button on our pages.

    All of our buttons are images and we use
    only simple index tagging in the page
    characterizations. Could this be a
    contributing factor?. Suggestions welcome.


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    Re: Inconsistent behavior of a silk script


    You are probably having a different problem. I strongly recommend not using Index as a tag for buttons (JavaScript being run by clicking on images). If you must include the Index in the tag make sure you are using multitags and have at least one other form of a tag defined. Images and many other objects on a page will not always be found in the same order. I think this problem is aggravated by the x,y,z loading of the page, Silk finds things from left to right, top to bottom, front to back. These images are often layered so that on mouse over or click they will change appearance.

    Now in answer to the next question "How can I avoid using the Index Tag for this page, I can't seem to get any other good tags because..." Well it depends on which browser you are using and what version of Silk. I will tell you what works for me on my current UI with NT4.0sp6a IE4.01sp2 and Silk 5.0. Go to the extensions options in Silk and select the IE 4.0 browser, select Extensions button and make sure that 'Enable Browser Specific Image Names' is checked. If Enable use of a java plug in is checked as well you may have to make my selection several times before it will 'stick' (this appears to be an undocumented Silk 5.? 'feature'). After you have this set you will see when you are recording declarations that Silk will see the Images tag for Window ID as "$http:??YourServer?Directory?ImageFileName.gi f" and often the text tag will be "ImageFileName_on". At this point I strongly recommend that you catch those two values for the object(s) in your include file and wildcard as much as you can while still remaining unique for the object in its class within the child. Ie, "$htt*?Directory?ImageFileName_on.gif" and "ImageFileName_*". It is very important to remember that the name for the image may change depending on the state of the 'button' Eg ImageFileName_on.gif, ImageFileName_off, ImageFileName_bold otherwise Silk will not find the button when it is in a different state. I could go on for quite a while here will hard learned tips, so if you want more info email me woodmant@mmanet.com or call 212-441-5771. I hope this helps.

    To the others on this thread I have seen an dealt with the issues you have, they usually end up being timing and browser related. I have some ideas but I really need to know the exact environment and circumstances. Please feel free to contact me as well.




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