When executing my testcase Silk Hangs all the time at the same point of code.I brought this issue to my developers and they have reviewed their code and concluded that it is an Silk issue and everything looks fine from their code point of view.They spent a reasonable amount of time on the issue.My Application was developed in Visual C++.
More interestingly the same testcase runs fine on Win98 but it crashes at the same point on Win2k and WinNT.
Also I got the Dll function to work with this.With this Dll call function, instead of doing a Click on the OKBtn in my dialog(where it hangs once after clicking on the OKBtn in the dialog through Silk),I Pass a typekeys function of DLL and click the OKBtn(This we are doing through Dll but not with Silk),it doesn't hangs now and passes that point.But after this Silk is not recognising the windows that is populated after cliking the OKBtn through dll function.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Thanks in Advance,