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It's not related to Win2000 because the same problem is seen on Winnt

You can use "wButton.GetProperty("$ToolTipText");" to return the
text. You also might want to use "wButton.MoveMouse();", to position
the cursor over the button, along with "window.ButtonToolTip.Exists
();" to verify that the tooltip is displayed.

Here "window" refers to the parent window of the button not the
button itself. "ButtonToolTip" is the identifier for the tool tip
which you can place in your file within the "window"
declare like the following:

"JToolTip ButtonToolTip { tag "#1"; }"

For the tool tip to show up as a "JToolTip" instead of a CustomWin
you will also need to put the following in the file.

winclass JToolTip : AnyWin
tag "[javax.swing.JToolTip]$javax.swing.JToolTip";
setting MultiTags = {TAG_CAPTION};

Before the mouse is moved over the button, you might want to
verify that the tool tip doesn't exist. If you have problems with the
tool tip not being displayed long enough to verify that it exists you
can use the command "wButton.TypeKeys ("<Ctrl-F1>");" to display the
tool tip.

This is a work around that I will send to Segue. Perhaps they will
fix the problem.

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