I am testing the webapplication
and the tags for the 2 different pages are as below
[-] window BrowserChild ProfilePage
[ ] tag "Free -- Books online"
[ ] parent Browser

[-] window BrowserChild Namesuggestionpage
[ ] tag "Free-- Books online"
[ ] parent Browser
The .t file
[ ] use "c:\webmd\frame.inc"
[ ]
[-] testcase Registration()
[ ] WebMDHealthHasAHomepage.Join.Click()
[ ] Registrationpage.MemberNickname523.SetText("q0TEjC A")
[ ] Print ("The registered username is :" ,Str1 )
[ ] Registrationpage.Password2.SetText(password)
[ ] Print (" the userpassword is :", password)
[ ] Registrationpage.ConfirmPassword2.SetText(password )
[ ] Registrationpage.Accept.Click()
[ ] ProfilePage.VerifyActive()

The profile page is supposed to be loaded after registration. But the suggested name page loads as the username is already existing.

In this case my test case should fail as the verify active window failed. but it still passes as the caption of the window is same for all browser windows.

Please suggest me how I can get this worked by quoting an example. I tried the multitag by declaring a windowID with the URL. Still not helpful.

I tried to pick a unique item on the profile page but when the suggested name page is loaded some link on that page is being clicked instead of throwing an error.