Hello all you SilkTest users,

I've already worked around the problem I'm having, but I'm curious know if anybody else has gotten this to work without a workaround.

This pertains to GMO Online.
I've tried using GMOW.inc which came with SilkTest 5.0, and that was after my own declaration had problems.

The problems are:
1- The SameAs checkbox is non checkable?
2- The Fields on the ShipTo side give me problems even if I try to use the GMOW.inc.
3- SetText for HtmlTextFields has problems, where it does not set text sometimes, and others it leaves some of the old chars in there (like 0).

Now for my workarounds:
1- Used Keyboard (Tabs and Space)
2- I've changed the declaration tags to Index 1st then Caption Second for all the ShipXXX and BillXXX fields.
3- I've Over-Ridden SetText to do it twice for HtmlTextField class.

Now I'm very open to other workarounds (if simpler). I'm starting to question how the Segue Classes go about this myself...
Can anyone who's had a class (Intro to advanced SilkTest clarify this please)

Thanks much.

AJ Alhait
BetaSoft Inc.