With the current web-application I am testing, the browser is often locking up when a submit is done. The lockup requires that the process is killed before continuing.

I am using SilkTest 5.5 with Hot Patches 1 and 2. I have tried Hot Patch 3, but removed it due to a bug*. I am using Internet Explorer 5.5 with IE DOM. Operating system is Windows 2K SP2.

Has anyone else encountered issues with the browser locking up when under automation control? And more importantly, does anyone know of some trick to allow fussy web-applications and fussy SilkTest to 'just get along'?

David Genrich

*Hot Fix 3 bug: Found that the [Browser] button that you automatically get when using a 'input type=file name="file" ' is no longer seen by SilkTest when Hot Patch 3 is on (the "type=file" input attribute will put a textfield and a [Browser] HtmlPushbutton on the page). I reinstalled SilkTest and Hot Patches 1 and 2. The pushbutton was again seen. Segue has been notified (on Wednesday), but I haven't heard anything back yet.

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