I have a challenge, I need to expose Java methods from an applet's CAB file. I believe I have the CLASSPATH set right, but still do not get anything. When try to declare classes but nothing shows up.

I'm trying to expose ,custom class files to Silktest from a cab in a given namespace. The code below illistrates the html code.
<applet code="name.XXContainer.XXFrameContainer" codebase="/" name=XXContainer1>

<param name=useslibrarycodebase value="/path/to/java/xxapplet.cab">
<param name=useslibrary value="Java applet name (XXX)">
<param name=namespace value="namespacename (XXX)">

There are a lot of custom classes. I need to class map them in order to invoke their methods. This application does two way communicate and I need to see(capture) the datastream. Any help would be great.

Any help would be great.