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RE: [silktest] Retrieving Contents in Multitags...Eric et al,

On a lot of web pages, the objects are highly dynamic. For example, you
create a customer, then on some other page, that customer becomes a link.
You could have the link declared, but its much easier to just refer to the
object dynamically. Also, you don't have to worry about maintaining the
objects. Record - > Window Identifiers will give you these types of object

For example, these are all valid identifiers.

Login.HtmlTextField ("$username")
Preferences.HtmlLink ("Home Page")
UserDetails.HtmlLink ("Eric")
BrowserPage.HtmlImage ("$http:*search.gif")
BrowserPage.HtmlPushButton ("Done")

Using the library functions, you can do the following,

Link ("Preferences") - clicks the Preferences link on the current page
LinkPathClick ("/services/products.htm") - searches the page to find the
link which includes this partial string in its URL.
Image ("Search")
ImagePathClick ("/m/id3/products/details/A613b")

All of these functions work regardless of whether the object is in a table,
or directly on the page.

Hope this helps.

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