As I am testing Netscape 4.7 and I.E 5.5 I am forced (at least I think I am) to use the
VO model in the Windows 2k environment.

The Goal is to come up with a set of bilingual frame files and test scripts for testing our jsp based web pages.

Now I remember reading a ways back that you "should" record in Netscape for the "most" generic recordings. Which I have done.

Problem is that even after adjusting tags to be bilingual for IE via multitag .. example is in html links where IE has for some reason arrayed the links (i.e):

(how do you escape the left and right block parens in this forum .. I want the IE tag to read "TTL\[*\]" but cannot (even here) )

The IE often enough freezes with an inability to grab the frame for the link/s in question.

I have been able to futz with:
Browser.Maximize ()
Browser.Restore ()

// reload does not seem to work
And this has had some positive effects ..
But I got a long long way to go. Has anyone
experianced this, and know either of a fix, workaround or different approach??

What is especially irritating is after the error when you pull up window identification, silk shows you the identifier as if there is NO PROBLEMO! This is really less than fun right now.

Employing John Green's Silk & Browser out of synch solution I am able to get further. Any suggestions welcome. I will let yuz all know how this turns out.

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Richard Weth
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